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ToP MaNiAc!


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Welcome Mat

This is the ToP MaNiAC news page. All you punk-rockers wanna see wuz goin' on in the lives of these young canadian emo punk band turn to this page! Updated almost daily.

Tyler Payne former ToP MaNiAC 2nd guitarist has offered to be the bands much needed back-up guitarist. The band has not made any final decisions yet, as per lack of one of their members (drummer Miko is in Bahamas) but the outcome looks good for both Tyler and the band. ToP MaNiAC will be testing Tyler by letting him play the cover song Motivation Proclimation with them.

ToP MaNiAC, following the succes of the December 13th concert, are schedualed for many more shows throughout the year, most recently the Valentines Day dance. The set-list for the show will be posted later in the month of January so keep coming back.

Merry Christmas from ToP MaNiAC!!!!! Much equipment needed was received December 25th from Santa, so give him a shout. Jordan (lead guitarist) received a Wah-Wah Pedal, and it sounds fuckin' awesome! He also received a mic stand made specifically for guitarists/singers.He also got a pic holder and many new pics. Justin (lead singer)also received a foot-pedal, and the worlds best mic. Also a tape recorder for the band to tape their songs. Sean (bass guitar) got money to help buy his new bass, becuz he is selling his old one for something better. Miko got new cymbals and a double bass pedal, and now all taht remains for this punk rock
4-some is a mixing board and two speakers for Justin to plug into.

HEY! HEY! Just writing this to let you all know that anyone who would like to write a review of our shows can do so and email it too and it will be put up on the site homepage. Thanx and send alot!

Sup! Welcome to the year 2002 everybody. Changes will come for ToP MaNiAC in the new year. More shows, more songs and moe pics on the website so keep coming back in the new year! Peace out

02/01/25/- Yo all. First off id like to say wuts up to the people at if they are readin this. We've aplied to be posted on their site and thye are sending us an email when they see our site. Also in the next year we will be working on all our own original songs as well as the ones we already know and we will be recording our first demo CD entitled "A Short History Of Nothing." It will include 12 original songs written by Justin, Jordan and Sean, and will be recorded int he summer of 2002. That very same CD will be submitted as a qualification CD for the indie band search 2003. To get more info on the indiebandsearch, search for it on yahoo.

Wuts up punk rockers. The guys are schedueled to play the Saint Paddys Day Paddy Whacker at their school and the set list is as follows.
-Party Girl
-Angel (Punk Cover)
-I Wanna Grow Old With You (Punk Cover)
-Beer And Cake

Yo all. Top Maniac have laid out many plans fro the future including a end of the year blowout show, a demo CD and an amature video. Some new pics are up in the gallery and bios section, but more will be on the way in a week or so, so keep coming back.

Sup y'all.
In Top Maniac's most recent regular practice alot of dumb shit happened. Sean was playing the drums and he wouldnt shut the hell up so Jordan through a glass at Sean and it hit the drumset and shattered into 27 pieces, and knocked Sean over along with the snare drumb. Also, some new pictures were taken by the bands photgrapher Tyler Payne and they will be up on the site in 4 days. They also threw numorous amount of hard ice at Tyler when he tried to pour water on Sean. ToP ManIaC learned the song Jerk, rounding out the set list for their next gig.

We were added to the websites band database awhile ago, so go check it out, ull see us along side other bands like Lagwagon, Good Charlotte and Not By Choice. Go the links page to check it out!

ToP MaNiAC are getting alot of gigs lately. We just played another school dance which kicked ass. We played Lead Flowers, Grow Old With You, Lonely Boy, and PARTY GIRL! Also a festival is being organized with bands like Ferris Wheeler, ToP MaNiAC, Son Of A Gun and a bunch of solo artists.  ToP MaNiAC will be recording a DEMO CD during the summer featuring these songs so far. Lead Flowers, My Sad Song, Party Girl, Lonely Boy, Jerk. C Ya

Yo all,
The new pics are up in the pics gallery 2 section, and some new features will be coming into the others section from now on. There will be babe, song and band of the week winners as well as coolest website award every month. Check it out!

Its snowing in spring! What the hells going on! ToP MaNiAC have a new second guitarist! WTF??!! Yeah thats right Tyler Payne has relieved Justin Gow of second guitarist duties so he can focus on singing, and more shows and songs are on the way including  a HUGE festival in June.

The ToP MaNiAc Demo CD has been postponed because of lack of money, but we are making a two song CD featuring the songs Jerk and Famous. The CD will be titled, A Brief History Of Practically Nothing. Makes sense don't it? We're saving the good names for cooler CDs. All though you can't get much cooler than Jerk. Shit that's an awesome song. Speaking of songs, we've decided a few out of our 10 song set list for The Festival in June. WE're gonna play a cover of Vitamin C's Friend's Forever, Jerk, Famous, Sell Me Out, After School Tonight and Answer The Phone by none other than Sugar Ray. We're working on a final desicion for the other 4 songs, two of them will probably be covers. Anyways, see you guys later. 

Hey all! The snow s finnaly melting making way for ToP MaNiACs big outdoor concert in June. But in May theres more stuff happening like the CD featuring Jerk and Party Girl and also a talent show in May where we will probly be playing one of Sean's original songs. 

The new set-list for the June Feztival is as follows.
- Answer The Phone
- Sing Me A Song
- Famous
- Anchor
- Silver On Top
- Letters Back Home
- Sell Me Out
- Heart Attack
- Breaking Rules
- Jerk

We have made lot's of changes to the set list for the year end festival and will be posting them soon so come back to check it out! Were probably gonna keep changing it so keep coming!

Alright Top Maniac is in the middle of making a funny as hell video of us hurting each other and shit like that for an up coming talent show in school and we will somehow try to get it on our site. We have that 2 song cd also coming up in May wich will feature Jerk and Party Gurl at this point. We will be giving them out to anyone who wants them for free so be sure to e-mail if u want a copy.

Today the band went down to the recording studio to check it out and see what we gotta be ready for and heard clips of bands who had recorded there before and it's gonna be sweet! As everyone knows it's gonna be a 2 song CD featuring Jerk and SIng Me A Song. We will be putting the songs on more cds, our site and Kazaa for everyone to hear. We might also video tape us in the studio so be sure to check that out to wich will be put on the site or just sent out.

Hey boyz and girls. If you havn't heard the new Top Maniac newz go to the front page to check it out!

Yo all! ToP MaNiAc's CD is out so go get it! Also the band played at their skool talent show and received lots of crowd support for the song Anchor written by Justin Gow. They were asled for an encore and played the song Jerk, featured on their new album. The boys are graduating in 2 days and will continue playing lots of skools and making more cd's in high skool at Earl Of March! Peace!

02/ 07/ 02-
Canada Day kicked royal ass! We invaded KRC and hung out with our chicks, who are totally awesome. We watched the firworks, and Tasha broke the beer, but we still love her. Stef was afraid of the frieworks, which is very cute, but also very strange. We met up with dozens of people we didn't even know we knew, and it all just turned into a good time. CANADA rules. Mike go back to Wisconsin you American. Peace! 

Hey everybody!
We've been working on sum new songs like Wake-Up Call and I'll Be There 4 You a punk cover of the friends theme song, and we've written a whole bunch of new shit like Harlequin, Just The Way You Are, Don't Wanna Go Home, Anyone But Me, Beauty and Her Beast, Tough Guy, Bad Days, and more! Come bak soon when all the kik ass lyrics to these great songs come up on the site! C ya!

Yesterday August 7th it was Tyler's B-Day and we recorded our new single titled Anchor. We also entered a contest called Not Another Battle Of The Bands which is ran by XFM. We submitted Anchor and hopefully they'll pick us as one of the top 5 bands to go to the finals. On August 19th go to and see if our band made it as one of the 5 bands. If we're there vote for us many times and get everyone u know to vote also. If we win the full thing we will open for Snow Jam September 20th and 21st.We also sent in our info and song to East Coast Clothing to maybe be sponsored by them.

The XFM contest was only available to people over the age of eighteen because ti is sponsored by Therefore we did not make it into Snowjam, but will be playing other shows through the coruse of the next school year. If you want to hear us play and know a place we could, we'd love to hear form you e-mail Sean @ Also new pictures have been added to the site and the pics section ahs been renovated, so check it out! Also, school starts soon, and you all know what that means. MORE TOP MANIAC! So keep ur eyes peeled! C ya